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La Pasta officially goes hormone-free. Refer to Press Release for details: Press Release Hormone Free.

La Pasta to release an organic line of pastas. Refer to Press Release for details: Organic Pastas.

Thank you Linda from Brunch with Joy on the great post! Yet another stellar review on our gluten free raviolis.

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La Pasta to Change the Size of it’s Ravioli. Please review our press release for more information: Ravioli Size Change

Fancy Food Show and Culinary Products Recognizes La Pasta’s Versitle, Award-winning Sauces. As Natalie Hammer Noblitt mentions in this article, “When shoppers want a chef to plan dinner but can’t hire one, La Pasta…offers chef-designed cooking sauces that bring excitement to everyday meals.”

La Pasta Featured as one of the Gourmet Retailer’s Editors Pick

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La Pasta featured in blog with healthy summer dish. Salmon, avocado cream sauce served over La Pasta’s egg fettuccine.