Our Company

La Pasta Inc. has been producing delightful, delicious, distinctive fresh pastas and award-winning sauces for more than thirty years. Our company began production as a small artisanal pasta maker operating within the Washington, D.C. area. By preserving our artisanal philosophy and uncompromising standards of quality, La Pasta has expanded distribution into foodservice and retail markets throughout the U.S.

Our Products

La Pasta is committed to producing healthy, all natural products through wholesome manufacturing. We use whole, fresh ingredients of the highest caliber and cook those ingredients in our kitchen like you would in yours. That is exactly what lends our products their great flavor. No flavor enhancers, no ingredients you cannot pronounce- simply real, all natural food.

We at La Pasta pride ourselves on producing innovative pastas and sauces. Manufacturing an extensive line of products, from the traditional egg linguine and potato gnocchi to the more innovative sweet potato, quinoa & kale ravioli, La Pasta offers something for every palate, with our customers’ health always in mind. We also cater to special dietary needs by producing an excellent line of gluten free pastas and dairy free raviolis.

We encourage you to try a ravioli or a spoonful of our sauce and note the chunks of fresh vegetables inside.

For more information about La Pasta’s all-natural, fresh and fresh-frozen pastas and signature sauces, please click here. To open an account, place an order or speak with a member of our customer service team, please click here.